Thursday, March 29, 2012

Connecting with All Life through Dowsing

This experiential weekend offers dowsing as another way to expand our consciousness as we attune to nature and ourselves.  Dowsing, from the most ancient times to the present, has assisted us “beings-being-human” in integrating ourselves into our more expansive and natural context, the Earth, Planets and Stars.  Connectedness with All Life through Dowsing is based on the assumption that our energetic physical beings already extend into our everyday worlds as well as to the furthest reaches of our planet, solar system and universe.  When we ask a question through our dowsing system, we literally “go there” and gather the answer to our question.  Dowsing tools such as the Pendulum, L-Rod and Y-Rod, are a means of decoding the subtle information our body receives in response to our questions.

Friday Evening:  This evening presentation consists of an introduction to basic dowsing concepts, and an overview of the broad scope of dowsing applications through the millennia.  Participants will also gain confidence in the use of basic dowsing tools.

Saturday Morning: Participants, using dowsing tools, will move outside to experience the energy fields of humans, trees, flowing water and other sometimes unseen natural features.   We will enjoy the sense of expanded awareness, of being in tune with the natural world.

Saturday Afternoon: After a presentation and practice on remote (map) dowsing, participants will again move outdoors and, using dowsing, selectively experience at a deeper level, an understanding of the immense and varied, consciousness in the natural world around us.  We will also learn to use dowsing to strengthen our relationships with these still evolving natural centers of consciousness.

Saturday Evening: We will discuss our experiences during the day and participate in an interactive PowerPoint presentation on dowsing light and color, powerful channels of consciousness.

Sunday Morning: Participants are invited to creative play for imagining and planning dowsing applications at home.

This workshop, open to all, will explain the basic concepts of Dowsing.  Participants will have many opportunities to learn and practice basic dowsing techniques.

Program Facilitator: Kate Whitefield.  Kate began dowsing in 1969.  As an architect, she dowsed many project sites to locate underground utility lines, energy and water flows and since the early1990’s, has used dowsing to develop Energy/Nature Consciousness Profiles at project sites. She has enjoyed Co-Creating with nature consciousness, a successful partnership in living with the land, allowing both site consciousness and humans to advance their evolutionary journey.

Kate Whitefield
105 Montgomery St. Apt. #3
Highland Park, NJ  08904
Cell: 978-771-9946